Monday, August 30, 2010

Nail Polish Color of the Week

Sonic Bloom by Sally Hansen.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

What I wore Today !!!

Bush is back! :)

A Night Out.


Thursday i went out with my girls at Bourbon Street. A club located in Baltimore thats pretty cool. Depending on the DJ...and who i'm with lol. But I must say I had a alottt of fun.
When i go out to clubs its prettty important for the music to be good so i can dance all night. Cause who goes to a club just to stand around. ????


But one thing that drives me nuts about dancing with guys
....actually ill make this a list.....

1-7 :)

1. When a guys hands ROAM ( uhh no playa not with me either hands in the air or yeah not on me lol)

2. When they tap me ( you know how some guys tap your hip when your done dancing. its more of a "GOOD GIRL" that you would do to a dog tap.....uh uhhhhh i am not a dog don't tap me. Id rather have a hug lol just please don't be all sweaty....if your all sweaty just go! )

3.When they wanna grab my hand and put it in the air. ( now yes it does make me dance better but the more i did it the more i dislike it. )

4. when your dancing with a guy they rest their head on your neck. ( YUCK noo I don't want yo sweat in my hair! )

5. When guys talk in your ear while dancing. (suree its cute when the guy your dancing with is your legit boyfriend/husband/man/whateverr lol but when hes a random and saying some weird stank face comes into play and I will walk away and leave you hanging. BUH BYEEE! )


7. When your dancing with a guy and he puts his phone in your face ( thats the gimme yo number move....not slick ill put William hungs number in yo phone for what i care. )


MrsCiaraRae :)


Tuesday, August 24, 2010


This is Prolly What I'll Wear Tmrw to Work.

I loveee this outfit :)!

Possibly wearing this on my first day of school!

Blazer Outfit :)


Monday, August 23, 2010

Song of the Day.

This Song brings back memories. Ones ill never forget!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Nail Polish Haul / Nail Polish of the Week.

Nail Polish Haullll!

So I went to CVS and purchased new nail polishes since I'm a nail polish JUNKIE! And right now the Sally Hansens nail polish (Insta-dry) are buy one get one 50% off. And I orginally started with just two. . but little did i know that if I walked down a aisle a bit more, there were nail polishes with a clear polish included! So of course I got one of those. So really I got two polishes and one for FREE! :)

The colors I got were:

Sonic Bloom
Blazing Blue
and CLEAR :)

So Drum Roll Please. . .(beating drums lol)

Nail Polish of the week is . . . .

Happy Nail Painting :)


Friday, August 20, 2010


I TOLLDD YALL I was gonna get my Kim Kardashian Outfit. Its not exact but its a dress and a blazer her basics but with my personal touches.

Don't mind my Hurr its a mess. Id wear it in a ponytail if i had long hair. guess i better invest in a piece. :/

My First Ever Haul Video

Since this is my last pay check before i leave Charlotte Russe i figured that i go out with a bang and buy what i needed! so yah :) this is everything i got. EVERYTHING is from Charlotte Russe along with the KIM KARDASHIAN INSPIRED OUTFIT so... Stay Tuned for


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Full Look at my OOTD!

When in doubt...take a pic :).

My Outfit of the Day.

No Big thang! My idea of dressing down.

My Outfit of the Day.

No Big thang! My idea of dressing down.

My Outfit of the Day.

No Big thang! My idea of dressing down.

I love Photo Editing!

Im kinda ready for school.

I'm kinda Ready to go Back to school. And Learn Something. This semester is going to be Super fun!

I'm Taking All Art Classes. :)

And a Ceramics class so ill be creating new holders for the junk thats in my room.

I'm also going to Braze and Make a Necklace holder out of nails and FIRE ! :)

I'm Trying to Figure out what i want to wear to work today for my Outfit of the Day. And ill find something...eventually

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nail Polish Color of the Week :)

Lime Green !

Now Sadly I couldn't actually put this color on my nails because.. I'll have to pick it up some other time. BUT I do have green nails right now. The nail polish I'm wearing is more of a metallic and shimmery color. But I Like this color with nude because it makes the color POP!



Is my Type of Guy. . . . .FLAT! :)

Kim Kardashian Inspired Outfit coming soon.

Hey Guys :) KAY' Soooo. . . .

I've Been Looking at Other peoples Blogs and A lot of people do Inspired looks.

As you may have seen in one of my Older Blogs I am so inspired by Kim Kardashians Blazer and strapless dress look.


SEEE......cute right..?

WELL....I have found it! And its all from Charlotte Russe for Under $40 (for Employees) . I found the Cutest Blazer at Charlotte Russe for $30. Its not as Talored as hers but, it's a Soft, Comfy, Stretchy Cotton Blazer. It's a gray color so I can wear it with just about EVERYTHING.

My Blazer is also going to be paired with a Striped Tee that I got from Charlotte Russe for $2.99 a while back when I first started working there. But you can get a Striped Tee from anywhere. And I pulled it all together with light wash denim leggings and flats and accessories for a Lo Bosworth Inspired Outfit.

Pictures will be Posted Soon. . . .

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Funny Video by Yours Truly!

I love Day Two!

Style Images - 081010 RUSH CASUAL
I love Lo Bosworths Blog.
Check it out!

Another Look i want to re-create! I'm gonna have soo much fun dressing up this outfit with Accessories.

Lo Bosworth Herself:

Style Images - hillswrapupparty


My Belt Collection and My Tips.

Thanks a Bunch to MissBeautyMae on YouTube for Requesting this Video :)

Subscribe to Her Channel She Awesome! :)

Alright Hey Guys. Sorry Ive been M.I.A for the past couple of days but I have been making YouTube vids. So Check them out at .

But I wanted to show my Bust Belts and What I have and what I look for.

I look for 2 Things:

I love thick belts because I have HUGE ta-ta's lol, and you can actually see them when i wear them. When i wear a skinny belt they tend to play hide and seek under my boobs :( hahahah.

I love EELLLASTTIICC belts because when i wear them I'm not DYING from suffocation. And the Elastic makes the belts 10 times more comfy for me at least!


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Am I Crazy for liking THESE???

Simple and Casual but yet sooo cute.

I really like this. Its soo simple yet its such a cute on the go outfit.
And I'm diggin the hat!

LMFAO he always gets caught in SOMETHING

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Kay Soo...I'm INSPIRED!

Kim Kardashian does is again.

She looks amazing! PERIOD! MYY GOSH! I need a blazer and a sexy tube dress. I need to get on that. I saw one at target I just hope nobody buys it cause I NEED a Blazer Jacket. :( I Don't own one. I'm so lameee :'( haha. But anywhoot. I'm determined to redo this look. DE-TER-MINED! haha

Sexy Date / Outfit of the Night !!


This is a Cute sexy Outfit of the Night Look. Or a Sexy Date look. My hair isn't really sexy its more on the cute side lol. IT'S THE BOW!!... it makes it cute haha. But anywayzzz I love this Outfit. I love high waisted pencil skirts and I always seem to pull my skirts up to my bust line. Mainly because i have to BOOTY :'( ...wahhh FMLL haha just kiddddin! but i like my skirts better that way. I played with my accessories and made them fun to the outfit and I don't know, I'm not so sure about the cheetah ring but you be the judge!

Tell me what you! Think??!

(circle here)
ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha :D


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Statement Necklaces!


My Top 3 Picks from
Seventeen always has Necklaces, Earrings etc. from . Ive never really looked on the website until last night. I Checked out the Jewelery and they have such a stylish and fun selection.

1. Fair and Square!..Literally :)

Fair and Square Necklace

( Necklace from: $33.00, Honestly how Fab is that??! Now THATS a Statement! )

2. Dramatic but Oh So Chic!

Principessa Necklace in Gold
(Necklace from: $23.00 but it's SOLD OUT! :( )

3. Cute and Different!

Diamond-Winder Serpent Necklace
(necklace from: $16.00...SOLD OUT!)

Number 3 is probably my Favorite one. Because Honestly How many times have you seen a Necklace like that?! Not often. I'm gonna be ordering number 3 soon. As soon as its back on for sale....i hope :/

Fabulous finds at !


Some of my Fashion Inspirations

Kim Kardashian!

View Image

Lauren Conrad

View Image

Lo Bosworth

Must Have Fall Essentials!

Fall Essentials! (Transitional pieces)

Ladiess, Get Ready to have a Fabulous Fall!

A Bomber Jacket is something every girl needs in her closet for FALL!

Pair it with a summer tank for a transitional look. Just because its made for summer doesn't mean you have to only wear it in summer. Transfer it over to another season and make it work! Now This Jacket is Super affordable Ladies. Its only $34.50 at Charlotte Russe. I personally have this jacket I paired it with a baby doll style summer tank and a classic brown belt.
(images up top)

Now for the icing on the cake top it all off with a scarf and go!



My Hair is Straight :)

GUYSS! no more bush. My Hurr is straight for now. I got tired of it. I'm a very indecisive person i like change and i was getting bored with my bush. once my hair gets longer i think ill go back but as of now its str8! :) Butt, i am getting track next week because i want some color in my hair and i want my bob back. I hope I don't get addicted again. haha. I guess I still am.

BUTT thee hurr is str8 yalll haha :D


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Its My Day Off!

So i am going to max n relax. Finish cleaning my room and puttin outfits together. haha

Have a great day Everyoneeeeee!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Snappy Sorbet Outfit Example :)


Cardi- Charlotte Russe $26.50
Necklace- Charlotte Russe $12.00
Tank- $2.99
Belt- $9.50

Nail color for the week!

Its still summer so I'm still wearing summer colors. I just had yellow and forest green nails. Loved the yellow but the green ehh not so much. LOVE THE COLOR JUST NOT WITH YELLOW NAILS! But right now I'm wearing Sally Hansens Snappy Sorbet! :) its such a fun bubbly color that just makes me happy instantly! It looks great with ivory colored tops. Looks fantastic with my lace top and goes perfectly with my new statement necklace! I'm in love!

Yellow nail color- Lightening by Sally Hansen
Forrest green- Jumpin Jade by Sally Hansen

Picture of nail color and example top outfit above!

Guess who went shopping :)


haha yes yes yall. its TAX FREE WEEK! and we have tons of sales at Charlotte Russe. Right now employees get half off so half of and noo taxes. We all went bananas! haha. But i am soo excited to everything! ill take pics with my webcam and show you all what i got. :)

Happy Tax free Shoppingg!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Kayy sooo

I'm am so excited to buy new clothes at my job at Charlotte Russe :). and i cant wait to start doing more outfits of the day and night. I plan on going out on the 19th so i will have a video showing you all what i plan on wearing that night :) SUPAH SUPAH EXXCITEDDD! I'm trying to make outfits with what i have now and i dont know, its always nice to have new stuff rightt?! :/

well thats all for tonight maybe ill put up some pictures today or tonight.

peace and love yalll
mwahhhh xoxoxo


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