Tuesday, February 23, 2010

My Movie Project

Articles for Feb 23.

Dont Touch that Dial Article.

I think the biggest targeters for Facebook, Myspace and Twitter and technology in general is definietly the younger generation. I know personally that i would be doing homework and then be on facebook talking to someone as well. I did it Yesterday. It is very distracting. It what makes it worse for Teens. For Example, i see females on facbook with their profile pictures are them holding up the "RED CUP" and everyone knows whats in a red cup. And they will see so many to the point where they would go to a party. Find a red cup and fill it up ( Underage Drinking) and think they are just so COOL. I know when i was younger i found Cursing, Talking back being this bad girl to be super cool. And now that I'm older i just see it as stupid. I mean its crazy how much people can change from High School to now.

Google Article

The only thing i have to say about this one is simply..
"Where Would We Be Without GOOGLE???!?!"

Honestly, think about it. We almost use google everyday. Everyone involved with Google is a Complete Genusises. PERIOD!!! :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Pictures for Assignment 3.


The picture with the yellow flower I actually took that with my dads camera.

Is the Web helping us Evolve/ Analog vs Digital

First of the Web helps us do everything. Anything possible for mankind is also possible for Technology. This article is very similar to the last reading we had.

I brought in cameras for the analog and digital assignment.

I have a Nikon FM2 camera. I used this camera in my photography 101 class. I have to say that this camera is a true beauty. Old things like a record player really do spark my eye. I have a eye for vintage items and photos. (Which I used for my one of my pictures). Analog is alot more manual then digital. For example, my camera uses film and to get a good picture you have to use different focus' and different shutter speeds. Opposed to Digital where its all Point and Shoot. My digital item is my digital camera. Its definitely less complicated and its a lot easier to store. With cameras that we have now all we have to do is point and shoot and the picture is near perfect.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Medium is the Message.

I definitely feel that the technology has taken a lot of control over us. Its kind of scary the fact that pretty much EVERYTHING is on the internet. and i must say that i don't like the fact that when i google my house number and my address pops up doesn't sit very well with me.

But i dont think google makes us stupid. It kind of makes us a little brainwashed. and in some ways lazy. Well i just brainwashed does link to stupid. Hmmmm :/

Like Lauren Conrad

Her book Sweet Little Lies. The number 2 to the series LA Candy. Hits Stores Today :)