Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Articles for Feb 23.

Dont Touch that Dial Article.

I think the biggest targeters for Facebook, Myspace and Twitter and technology in general is definietly the younger generation. I know personally that i would be doing homework and then be on facebook talking to someone as well. I did it Yesterday. It is very distracting. It what makes it worse for Teens. For Example, i see females on facbook with their profile pictures are them holding up the "RED CUP" and everyone knows whats in a red cup. And they will see so many to the point where they would go to a party. Find a red cup and fill it up ( Underage Drinking) and think they are just so COOL. I know when i was younger i found Cursing, Talking back being this bad girl to be super cool. And now that I'm older i just see it as stupid. I mean its crazy how much people can change from High School to now.

Google Article

The only thing i have to say about this one is simply..
"Where Would We Be Without GOOGLE???!?!"

Honestly, think about it. We almost use google everyday. Everyone involved with Google is a Complete Genusises. PERIOD!!! :)

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