Monday, August 16, 2010

My Belt Collection and My Tips.

Thanks a Bunch to MissBeautyMae on YouTube for Requesting this Video :)

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Alright Hey Guys. Sorry Ive been M.I.A for the past couple of days but I have been making YouTube vids. So Check them out at .

But I wanted to show my Bust Belts and What I have and what I look for.

I look for 2 Things:

I love thick belts because I have HUGE ta-ta's lol, and you can actually see them when i wear them. When i wear a skinny belt they tend to play hide and seek under my boobs :( hahahah.

I love EELLLASTTIICC belts because when i wear them I'm not DYING from suffocation. And the Elastic makes the belts 10 times more comfy for me at least!


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