Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Statement Necklaces!


My Top 3 Picks from
Seventeen always has Necklaces, Earrings etc. from . Ive never really looked on the website until last night. I Checked out the Jewelery and they have such a stylish and fun selection.

1. Fair and Square!..Literally :)

Fair and Square Necklace

( Necklace from: $33.00, Honestly how Fab is that??! Now THATS a Statement! )

2. Dramatic but Oh So Chic!

Principessa Necklace in Gold
(Necklace from: $23.00 but it's SOLD OUT! :( )

3. Cute and Different!

Diamond-Winder Serpent Necklace
(necklace from: $16.00...SOLD OUT!)

Number 3 is probably my Favorite one. Because Honestly How many times have you seen a Necklace like that?! Not often. I'm gonna be ordering number 3 soon. As soon as its back on for sale....i hope :/

Fabulous finds at !


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