Friday, October 22, 2010


Omg so its been a LONG time since ive been on my Blog.

So i guess i should Update you All. :)
Its all wrapped around one word. . .

Yes school has deff consumed me! time wise.
Cant wait to make a Video showing you all my work and everything!

So i turned 20 on the 16th of October. . .


And my presents are on my Youtube video :) if you want to see them. take a look at the video its all there.

I will put nail polish of the weeks on my youtube now since i hardly blog. Or hardly have been blogging lately.

But one color im obsessed with is Re-Fresh Mint by China Glaze...

Like how pretty is that color!?!!

Sooner or later my nails will get painted fall colors but for right now they are WHATEVER COLOR I WANT THEM TO BEE lol.

okay soo yeah ive just been super busy with school. I truly miss blogging and i hope i can do this more often.

Miss youuuuuu alllll


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