Monday, September 13, 2010

Carols Daughter Review.

Carols Daughter Review (=

Hair Milk

Mimosa Hair Honey

Healthy Hair Butter.


Carols Daughter Review

So I no Longer have to look (: ! I finally found a good product for my hair. I dont know my hair type but i do know that my curls are kinky and can be quite frizzy. So on Labor Day i was on youtube looking at carols daughter reviews and i saw tons of good videos of people saying, they LOVEE CAROLS DAUGHTER. So i figured hey..what the heck..ill try it. It was always recommended to me in my natural transition so i finally ordered some. I didn't order the huge jars of it because this is my first time using it on my hair. Its what worse them buying a lot of product that sucks on your hair!? So i first used it on my hair dry and it didn't turn out the way i really wanted it too. So i tried to pull it off and i believe i failed. So then i used the Hair butter again on my hair when it was wet. and BAMMMM it looked 100 times better!. i love these products they definitely define my curls. they are more separated. My hair is way less frizzy and it looks a lot better. The Mimosa Hair honey is my frizz control. And it really does what it CONTROLS FRIZZ. And it smells SOOOO GOOD. I love putting it on my hair because i lovee the smell of it. I mainly put it right in the middle of my hair because thats were it frizzes the most. And lastly i top it off with the Hair Milk (the curl definer one) and i'm all set to go!

I am still looking for that just right shampoo and conditionor. I want to try Miss Jessies..but after watching another youtube video someone said DONT MIX PRODUCTS use the SAME LINE soo i might buy some Carols Daughter Shampoo. Im also looking for a hair spray and a satin pillow cover lol.

It works for ME :)

Until NXT time..


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